Silvia and Don McPherson
One of us is Italian born and speaks Italian well, the other is Canadian and speaks some Italian. But neither of us was capable of following the complex and confusing process that we endured when we purchased our apartment in San Gimignano. Therefore, when it came time to sell, we sought an agent who we judged to be honest, who knew the Tuscan real estate business well, who would listen to our needs and concerns, and who could speak English. We chose Massimiliano and we were not disappointed.
To begin, he determined that our asking price was too high - in part because we expected to sell the apartment completely furnished (which Italians don't do) and in part because of the economic downturn in the eurozone that began in 2010-2011. Next, Massimiliano was able to find a buyer who offered us a fair price and a person who proved to be reliable, honest and dependable. He then proceeded to find a geometra' (required by law to determine that our apartment complied with the requirements of the Comune and that its description agreed with their records). Unfortunately for us, because of irregularities that occurred during the purchase process, (and probably would not have occurred had we used an honest real estate agent), neither of the Comune's requirements were met. This called for diplomatic negociations with the Comune, and finally a minor structural change in our apartment that was both affordable for us and acceptable for the buyer. All of this occurred under the direction of Massimiliano who kept in constant email communication with us in the USA while it was in progress.
As the time for the final sale approached, Max arranged for our unsold furnishings to be donated to the church, the replacement of a lost document for our car and for a car dealer to undertake the sale of our car. Often and willingly, he undertook assignments that real estate agents would not normally perform. As he explained to us, he remains alert to his clients' needs throughout the sales or purchase process and does whatever possible to meet these needs and make the process run smoothly for his clients. He most certainly did this for us.
We recommend him highly.

Silvia and Don McPherson
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